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作者:国际母乳会哺乳辅导 黛安•威斯辛格、黛安娜•韦斯特、特雷莎•皮特曼

电子工业出版社 2018年6月30日出版


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
It‘s no secret that breastfeeding is the normal, healthy way to nourish and nurture your baby. Dedicated to supporting nursing and expectant mothers, the internationally respected La Leche League has set the standard for educating and empowering mothers in this natural art for generations.

《西尔斯怀孕百科》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯 南海出版公司
   《怀孕全书》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯 吉林人民出版社出版


The Pregnancy Book
This comprehensive, month‐by‐month guide to pregnancy will answer your questions about fetal development, a pregnant mother’s physical and emotional changes, medical technology during pregnancy and childbirth, labor and delivery, and getting off to a good start with your new baby.

《西尔斯母乳喂养全书》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 江苏文艺出版社
   《母乳哺养完全指南》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版

本书涵盖了母乳喂养的所有基本内容,例如如何使婴儿正确衔乳 、父亲的职责、工作与母乳喂养等等内容。作者循序渐进的指导诚恳而实际,是一本简单易懂的参考书。

The Breastfeeding Book
This book covers everything on the basics of breastfeeding, such as how to get the baby to latch on properly, father’s role, working and breastfeeding, and more. The authors’ step‐by‐step approach is honest and realistic, and makes this a very accessible reference.

《西尔斯亲密育儿百科》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯  南海出版公司 
《育儿全书》 作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯著 吉林人民出版社出版


The Baby Book
This guide to the first two years emphasizes a baby’s basic needs and helps new parents to meet those needs through the attachment style of parenting.

作者:【美】威廉西尔斯(William Sears M D) 玛莎西尔斯(Martha Sears)


《如何说孩子才会听 怎么听孩子才肯说》 

作者:[美] 阿黛尔•法伯和伊莱恩•玛兹丽施 中央编译出版社

本书提倡的父母的沟通技巧,是基于已故的海姆·吉诺特博士的成果,它强调了倾听孩子、用心感受、寻找方法代替惩罚 以及建立自尊。包含了许多有用的对话例子和生动有趣的卡通画。

How to Talk to Kids So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
Communication skills for parents based on the work of the late Dr. Haim Ginott which stresses listening to your child, dealing with feelings, finding alternatives to punishment, and developing self-esteem. Includes many examples of helpful dialogues and cartoons to brighten your day.

 《儿童爱之语》作者:盖瑞•查普曼 罗斯•坎贝尔 江西人民出版社 2007年


 The Five Love Languages of Children Chapman, Gary & Ross Campbell, Moody, 1997,
 This book offers a unique approach to loving our children. Discover the way your child prefers to receive love‐‐physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts or acts of service. The authors also include a practical Action Plan. 
《药物与母乳喂养》  (2006第12版)[Thomas W. Hale 译者:胡雁]人民卫生出版社

这本必备的综合参考书详述了目前所用药物对哺乳妈妈和婴儿的影响 。本书的作者是著名的临床药理学家Thomas W. Hale博士。这本千余页的书籍收录了超过868种药物、疫苗、维生素、病毒综合症以及其它药物的信息 。新版书增加的内容有:127种新药物,控制生育的药物附录,以及包含放射性造影剂的附录。

Medications and Mother's Milk 2014
This must-have comprehensive reference details the impact of currently used medications on breastfeeding mothers and infants. Written by renowned clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Thomas W. Hale, this thousand plus page book is packed with information on more than 868 drugs, vaccines, vitamins, viral syndromes, and other substances. New in this edition are: over 127 new drugs; an appendix covering birth control medications; and an appendix covering radiocontrast agents.

《温柔分娩》Gentle Birth Choices




Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper  Healing Arts Press, 2005
The author, a midwife, nurse, and mother, provides practical advice regarding gentle birth options, including water birth and home birth and stresses the importance of a
supportive environment. Photos by Suzanne Arms.

《西尔斯亲密育儿法》 作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 江苏文艺出版社
The Attachment Parenting Book
Might you and your baby both sleep better if you shared a bed? How old is too old for breastfeeding? What is a father‘‘s role in nurturing a newborn? How does early attachment foster a child‘‘s eventual independence? Dr. Bill and Martha Sears -- the doctor-and-nurse, husband-and-wife team who coined the term "attachment parenting" -- answer these and many more questions in this practical, inspiring guide. Attachment parenting is a style of parenting that encourages a strong early attachment, and advocates parental responsiveness to babies‘‘ dependency needs.

 《西尔斯育儿经》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯  玛莎•西尔斯 汕头大学出版社出版

 《0-10岁儿童教养全书——新手父母系列》作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯  玛莎•西尔斯  汕头大学出版社出版


The Discipline Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Better Behaved Child from Birth to Age Ten
Explores a wide variety of parenting options and helps parents decide which type of parenting philosophy will work best for their family. It emphasizes the importance of attachment parenting.

《孩子不好好睡觉怎么办》  作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版


How to Get Your Baby to Sleep
Short and written in an accessible question and answer format, nighttime parenting issues are discussed with the compassion and common sense typical of the Sears. Topics include choosing the right place for baby to sleep, getting a baby back to sleep, why babies shouldn’t have to "cry it out" and how to reduce the likelihood of SIDS. The many tips for fathers will help make nighttime parenting a family affair.

《孩子生病了怎么办》  作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版 
Keeping Your Baby Healthy

《孩子挑食怎么办》  作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版

Feeding the Picky Eater

《年轻爸妈最关心的70个育儿问题》  作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版

The First Three Months

《宝宝不哭之夜间安睡秘诀》 作者:(美)伊丽莎白•潘特丽 中国石油大学出版社 2013年
《孩子的安睡良方——美国育儿名著译丛》  作者:(美)潘特勒,武莹 译  中国妇女出版社


The No-cry Sleep Solution
This book provides a gentle approach to sleep training for parents who believe it necessary to modify baby’s sleep habits without resorting to the cry‐it‐out methods. It offers easy‐to‐use charts to plan and measure progress. The ideas presented are common sense solutions to a problem that is seen as monumental for many new mothers. LLL does not agree with the cautions against letting baby fall asleep at the breast or holding a sleeping baby or child.

 《从怀孕到出生:新妈妈快乐孕育完全手册》Pregnancy to Parenthood

作者:(美)琳达•戈德堡, 金尼•布林克利, 贾尼丝•库卡 著 中国人口出版社出版

对怀孕、分娩以及新生儿期等阶段进行探讨得出的综合结论都是强烈呼吁和支持母乳喂养。 全书300多页中有200页是专门关于孕期保健、阵痛和分娩的内容。大量的图表、23幅插图、项目清单以及卡通画使丰富的内容通俗易懂。 
A comprehensive discussion of pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn period that has mainstream appeal and features strong support for breastfeeding. Of its 300 pages, 200 are dedicated to prenatal care, labor, and delivery. Abundant charts, 23 illustrations, checklists, and cartoons make the wealth of information easier to digest.

《如何说孩子才能和平相处》Siblings Without Rivalry

作者:(美)法伯,(美)玛兹丽施 著,王欧娅 译 出版社:中国商业出版社



作者:【美】卢森堡 著, 阮胤华 译


《无条件养育》Unconditional Parenting

作者:[美]埃尔菲科恩 著,小巫,耿丹 译 出版社:天津教育出版社


作者:(美)伊丽莎白.潘特丽 译者:文青 出版社:中国石油大学出版社
The No-Cry Discipline Solution:Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior Without Whining,Tantrums,and Tears

《家有性情儿:如何养育一个与众不同的孩子》Raising Your Spirited Child

作者:玛丽•S•柯辛卡 著,宋苗 译 出版社:群言出版社
性情儿,并不是什么异常的孩子,他们跟普通孩子一样,只是比周围孩子多出某些特征, 如强烈的情感、意志坚定、敏感性、知觉敏锐、适应性等。他们似乎比别的孩子难带,因此需要父母付出的更多。身为两位性情儿的妈妈,本书作者在养儿育女的同时,也通过举办培训,与其他父母共同探讨性情儿的养育问题,并获得了很大成功。书中的这些养儿育女的法则和故事,同样适合于每一位为人父母者阅读使用。


  《教养难带宝宝百科:养育0—5岁高需求孩子的必备知识》 作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 汕头大学出版社出版


Parenting the Fussy Baby and High-Need Child
This revised edition contains new information on colic, reflux, and the challenges of breastfeeding a fussy baby. High need babies demand extra patience from parents, but according to Dr. Sears, the extra effort pays off.

《夜间育儿--怎样让婴幼儿入睡》   作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著     上海科学技术文献出版社出版

西尔斯医生解释了为什么婴儿的睡眠不同于成人,同享睡眠如何帮助全家人睡得更好,并鼓励父母要对自己的直觉有信心以及父母晚上要积极响应婴儿和幼儿的需求。新版书包括了同享睡眠如何降低婴儿猝死症(SIDS)风险的最新研究,提供了安全睡眠的诀窍——同享睡眠  ,并包括了夜间母乳喂养的好处的最新信息,以及常见夜间育儿困扰的建议。

Night-time Parenting

Dr. Sears explains how babies sleep differently than adults, how sharing sleep can help the whole family sleep better, and encourages parents to have confidence in the own intuition and to be responsive to their babies and young children at night. The revised edition includes the latest research on how sharing sleep may reduce SIDS risk, offers tips on safe sleeping‐sharing, and includes an update on the benefits of breastfeeding at night, as well advice on common nighttime dilemmas.

《新好男人做爸爸--菜鸟爸爸必修手册》 作者:(美)威廉•西尔斯,玛莎•西尔斯 著 经济日报出版社出版


Keys to Becoming a Father

Addresses the joys and problems of parenthood from the male perspective—everything from how to hold a tiny baby to sibling rivalry and organized sports. Dr. Sears, a pediatrician and father, writes from personal experience and promises that becoming a father will bring rich rewards.

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