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Synthetic DHA and ARA in Baby Formula is Causing Infant Illness


by Ethan Huff, citizen journalist


(NaturalNews) For years, baby formula manufacturers have been fortifying and reformulating their blends in an effort to poise their products as equal or superior to natural breast milk. Beginning in 2002, many producers began supplementing their mixtures with synthetic forms of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA), the long-chain fatty acids naturally present in breast milk. Evidence is now showing that the synthetic versions are detrimental to the health of children, despite their continued usage in almost every available brand of infant formula.

(NaturalNews) 多年以来,婴儿配方奶粉生产商一直在强化和调整配方,试图使奶粉的成分等同或超过母乳。从2002年开始,很多生产商开始往奶粉中添加人工合成的二十二碳六烯酸(DHA)和花生四烯酸(ARA)DHAARA是自然存在于母乳中的长链脂肪酸。有证据显示,这两种人工合成的物质对儿童健康有害,尽管它们还在继续被添加在所有品牌的婴幼儿配方奶粉中。


The idea behind fortifying infant formula with DHA/ARA was substantiated based upon the fact that a mother's breast milk naturally contains these polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are vital components to human eye and brain development, particularly in the formative infant years. The primary distinction is that the form of DHA/ARA being used in infant formula is structurally incompatible with the form found in human milk.


婴幼儿奶粉中强化DHA/ARA 的想法源于母乳中含有天然的欧米伽-3 和欧米伽-6两种多元不饱和脂肪酸。它们是人眼睛和大脑发育所需的重要成分,对生长发育期的婴幼儿尤为重要。配方奶粉中添加的人工DHA/ARA与母乳中天然DHA/ARA的主要差别在于结构上的不一致。

Martek Biosciences Corporation, the company who produces synthetic DHA/ARA, extracts the oils from laboratory-grown fermented algae and fungus using hexane, a demonstrated neurotoxic chemical. Identified as a hazardous air pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hexane resides in the same category as other serious toxins that are linked to causing cancer and other serious health problems.


生产人工合成DHA/ARA的马泰克生物科学公司(Martek Biosciences Corporation)用己烷从实验室培养的发酵藻类和真菌中提取这些脂肪,而己烷是已经证实的具有神经毒性的化学物质。环保局(EPA)认定己烷是有危险的空气污染物,与那些能够引发癌症和其他严重健康问题的严重毒性物质同属一类。

Developed primarily as a marketing tool, Martek's 1996 DHA/ARA investment promotional material states that even if the additive had no demonstrable benefit, it would nevertheless allow manufacturers to market their formulas as being the "closest to human milk". Formula manufacturers quickly jumped on the bandwagon despite definitive evidence proving the additive's safety.


马泰克公司1996年的DHA/ARA 投资宣传材料中说,即使添加剂没有经验证的好处,它也允许奶粉生产商在市场宣传中说他们的配方奶粉最接近母乳。于是配方奶粉生产商迅速一窝蜂地添加了这些成分,而不管有无明确的证据证明其安全性。


Recently implicated in causing severe reactions in some babies, including breathing problems, gastrointestinal upset, and other illnesses, synthetic DHA/ARA is on the hot seat. Parents and professionals alike are questioning why the additive is still being used in almost every available brand of infant formula and why the companies using the additive are being allowed to claim that their product is superior to human breast milk, despite the hundreds of mounting FDA adverse event reports indicating its dangers.


     由于最近牵连到引起一些婴儿严重不良反应,包括呼吸问题、胃肠道紊乱以及一些其他疾病,人工合成DHA/ARA 正陷入麻烦之中。父母和专家们一直在质疑,既然食品药品管理局(FDA)有大量的不良反应报告显示了这种添加剂的危险性,为什么这些添加剂还在被用于几乎所有品牌婴幼儿配方奶粉中;为什么使用这些添加剂的厂商还在被允许鼓吹他们的产品优于母乳。


Whether the culprit is the DHA/ARA itself, the hexane extraction residue, or both, it is anyone's guess since no formidable scientific safety studies were conducted prior to the additive's introduction into the formula market. Prior to hitting the market, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressed concern to Martek about the safety of the new additive, indicating that the agency desired to convene a formal meeting to address the issue. Martek denied this request and, shortly thereafter, the FDA reversed its previous stance and approved the additive's use despite the lack of any independent scientific safety review.


到底是DHA/ARA 本身的问题,是己烷提取残留的问题,还是两者兼而有之,目前还都只是猜测而已,因为这些添加剂在引入配方奶粉市场前并没有经过严格的科学安全性试验。在进入市场以前,食品药品管理局曾对马泰克公司表达了对于这种新型添加剂安全性的顾虑,并表示管理局希望就这一问题召开一次正式的会议。马泰克公司拒绝了这一要求,而且很快管理局改变了先前的姿态,在缺少独立的科学安全性试验的情况下,批准了添加剂的使用。

Since that time, Freedom of Information Act requests have revealed hundreds of FDA adverse event reports that have gone unnoticed by the FDA who has failed to act in conducting an investigation. Typically, a few well-documented adverse event reports are reason enough to conduct a product investigation; several hundred would indicate an immediate need for scrutiny.



Many empirical reports indicate that sick babies who were taken off formula containing synthetic DHA/ARA almost immediately recover from any ailments induced since starting the formula. This indicates a practical connection that deserves further investigation by the agency appointed to perform such analysis, the FDA.

很多实证报告显示,生病的婴儿停用含有人工合成DHA/ARA 的配方奶粉后,立即从开始服用奶粉后出现的疾病中康复。这说明其中的确存在实质性的联系,食品药品管理局这样的调查机构应该进行深入的调查。

Not only is Martek's DHA/ARA supplement being used in baby formulas, it is now being added to a whole host of foods and nutritional supplements for adults, lauded as a great vegetarian alternative to animal-based oils of the same variety. Since the extraction method involves a known chemical neurotoxin, it is best to avoid this additive anyway.




With or without synthetic additives, no baby formula can replace the amazing nourishing properties of a mother's breast milk. It is the perfect, natural blend of immune-building, brain-developing goodness that cannot be matched or replicated. While some natural formulas may seem to come close, breast-feeding continues to be the superior method of nourishing a baby and should be utilized whenever possible.



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 About the author

Ethan Huff is a freelance writer and health enthusiast who loves exploring the vast world of natural foods and health, digging deep to get to the truth. He runs an online health publication of his own at http://wholesomeherald.blogspot.com

Ethan Huff 是一位自由作家和健康爱好者,他喜欢探索天然食物和健康的广阔世界,他深入发掘事情的真相。他建立了在线健康出版物:http://wholesomeherald.blogspot.com


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